About Us

“We just can’t say enough about Brent and Heidi, you will be greeted with smiles, handshakes and laughter.”

(Troy H. ~ WineBerry Lodge 2012 Guest)

So, it’s difficult for Brent and Heidi Doyle to write about themselves – and, it’s just not their style, so I, Brent’s youngest brother Chris, will do so for the sake of those of you considering visiting WineBerry Lodge.

What you need to know about Brent and Heidi is that you’re getting the genuine article. Married for 30+ years with two grown kids, these two home-grown Sebastopol, Sonoma County locals are the salt of the earth. They’ve lived on this property since 1986. He’s an avid sport fisherman and exceptional – and, I mean EXCEPTIONAL chef. And the thing is, it’s a hobby for him, not a vocation. She’s, well…she’s a master of many things, including fine woodworking, and she’s a former western riding champion. Together, they’ve operated a successful business in another industry all together since 1998 and finally decided to wind down to do something different and that they’ve thought about for years. Something that they could be passionate about and absolutely enjoy with zero reservations.

So, they re-invented and downsized themselves, then set out to create WineBerry Lodge. As you can see, they’ve poured themselves into this very special place. They’ve designed WineBerry to entertain, to help people relax, to give visitors a chance to experience this very special region in Northern California. There are no pretenses here: WineBerry is designed to serve as a casual, welcoming home base while you’re away from home – and a jumping off spot for you to make the most of your time in Sonoma Country.

The great thing is, Brent and Heidi have been entertaining the entire Doyle clan and friends here for decades so they sure know how to throw a party – and, they know how to help those of you who might visit find and deliver incredible experiences for the friends and family you’ll bring along.

If you’re considering WineBerry Lodge, drop Brent and Heidi a note and let them know what interests you, and then get ready for some wonderful suggestions. They know this region like few others – and, you won’t be disappointed.